Cannabis Chewing Gum To Relieve Fibromyalgia


cannabisThe fibromyalgia is a disease involving diffuse muscle and joint pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances, minor cognitive disorders and mood disorders of varying intensity and chronic course.

This common, potentially debilitating disease most often affects middle-aged women. The cause is unknown, and an abnormal functioning of the central nervous system is assumed.

The term fibromyalgia comes from “fibro” for fibrosis, “myo” which means muscles and “algie” which means pain. It has been criticized by some doctors because there is no fibrosis of the muscles causing pain. The term “diffuse idiopathic polyalgal syndrome”, or SPID, has also been proposed but has not been internationally agreed.

Pain is usually the main symptom. Present in the long term (at least 3 months) and insidious beginning, it is felt in the muscles and joints and can vary from one day to another in terms of location and intensity. Most often, the pain is caused by pressure.

Other pain may be present, related to irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, a premenstrual syndrome in women, myofascial syndrome or algo-dysfunctional syndrome of the manducatory system.

Fortunately, as people become more aware of this disease, more research is being done to find an effective treatment or cure.

The most recent discovery reveals that cannabis, also known as marijuana or hemp, can relieve joint pain associated with fibromyalgia. Although there are different methods of using cannabis to treat pain, the newest of these is chewing gum.

MedChewRx is a new cannabis-based chewing gum for the treatment of chronic pain, especially fibromyalgia. This chewing gum contains equal amounts of the two active ingredients of marijuana, CBD and THC – 5 mg each.

The advantage of this route of administration over the digestive tract or inhalation is that cannabis can be digested directly into the mouth, without passing through the liver for faster relief. There are also other benefits of chewing for people with pain, including:

Neuroprotective effects on the mind:

  • Relieves Stress
  • Stimulates the cardiovascular system
  • Improvement of cognitive decline related to age
  • Chewing gum is socially acceptable than smoking, and allows those with fibromyalgia to get relief almost anywhere, without fear of the reactions of those around them.

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