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11 Health Benefits of Eating 5 Almonds Daily

Almonds are extremely nutritious, being rich in fiber, protein, vitamin E, magnesium vitamin B2, phosphorus, among other nutrients important for health. Besides being extremely healthy, it is an easy food to add in the...

Top 10 Alkaline Foods & Benefits

What are the benefits of alkaline foods? Among the many classifications that food may have, is that referring to its alkalization. The distinction between basic and alkaline foods can be established mainly from the waste...

10 Super Healthy Foods For Health

They are the best to prevent and treat heart conditions, cancer, headaches and a host of daily ailments Check the advantages of consuming these foods: 1. Figs These small fruits are an unsuspected source of calcium...

14 Reasons For Eating Goji Berries Daily

Goji is known as the "Fruit of longevity" , which strengthens muscles and bones. Provides energy reserves to help manage us against almost any difficulty. The strength of antioxidants and their polysaccharide molecules defend...

15 Health Benefits of Eating Figs Fruit

Figs also known as Anjeer enjoys a high nutritional and medicinal value, is considered an ideal food for the prevention of diseases. Here we point out its most outstanding effects and virtues. Figs are sweet...
Raspberry benefits

5 Health Benefits of Eating Raspberry

Raspberry contains a large number of food plant fibers - especially indigestible cellulose, - many micronutrients and vitamins (potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, A, B vitamins). Raspberry is distinguished by an aspirin-like substance that promotes...
fasting therapy

Fasting Therapy & Its Health Benefits

Fasting therapy is mainly for some periods of time to abstain from some or all foods, drinks, or both. Fasting is a popular ancient alternative therapy of India to keep the body healthy by...

10 Health Benefits Of Eating Avocado Daily

Avocado not only has a pleasant and delicate but have a positive effect on the whole body. Eating raw avocado daily provides our body so many vitamins and minerals which is essential for our...

12 Health Benefits of Rosemary Oil & Tea

  Rosemary comes from the Mediterranean and is used in food in a variety of cuisines. It has a wonderful taste and aroma, but also a lot of useful properties for human health if you...
top 10 ayurvedic herbs

Top 10 Ayurvedic Herbs For Health & Uses

When it comes to health there is nothing better than mother nature and herbs are those blessings that mother nature provide us to keep us healthy and strong. Herbs are the foundation of Ayurveda...

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