Benefits of Eating Tulsi Leaves During Pregnancy


Tulsi or basil leaves is the topmost medicinal herb and is not less than a boon for pregnant women. Tulsi or Basil is worshipped and used by pregnant women in India since ages. Basil leaves have many healing properties. Here are few reasons why pregnant women can benefit from tulsi  leaves.Tulsi leaves

1.Anti-Fungal & Anti-Infection

Regular consumption in pregnancy reduces the risk of infection. In its leaves, anti-bacterial properties are found. Apart from this, it is also helpful in keeping the immune system under control.

2.Prevent Anameia

Due to eating two leaves of Tulsi daily, there is no shortage of blood in the body. In pregnancy, most women complain of anemia. Such women are advised to eat two leaves of Tulsi every day .

3. Vitamin A For Embryo

Vitamin A is found abundantly in basil leaves, which is essential for the development of a baby born in the embryo.

4.Proper Formation Of Embryo Bones

The magnesium found in basil leaves helps in the formation of the baby bones. It also contains manganese which reduces stress and prevents the risk of cellular damage.

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