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They say that a cautious woman is worth two, and when it comes to care to look good, it is not too much to know some shortcuts to make this task somewhat less complicated. There are many homemade beauty tricks that help us take care of our appearance, inside and out, without spending a lot of money. You can think that with modern cosmetics there is no competition with grandmother's homemade beauty tricks. But in reality modern cosmetics is full of marketing and false myths about the miraculous properties of certain products. On the other hand, this industry owes much to the old homemade tricks to be pretty.

Homemade beauty tricks for the skin

Natural skin cleaning: We take a medium cucumber and, after liquefying it, we mix it with a cup of milk. The mixture is applied with a clean cotton on the face, it is left to rest for a few minutes and finally it is cleaned with wipes. Honey against impurities and acne: Tibie 5 tablespoons of honey, do not burn, and apply them gently on the face spreading well. Let stand 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Then put on your usual astringent lotion. Natural exfoliating : For your skin to be smooth, this exfoliant is suitable for dry or oily skin. Take two tablespoons of ground oats, one of honey and one of milk. Mix them until you get a homogeneous result. Put it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Remove it by rinsing with warm water. Crow's feet: Take two tablespoons of almond oil and one of brewer's yeast. Mix them until you get a homogeneous paste. Apply it on the crow's feet and let it sit until it dries. To remove it rinse with abundant water, first warm and then cold. It is also effective in any wrinkle of expression. Dark circles and bags: Take a potato with very clean skin and mix it with bread crumb soaked in milk. Apply the mixture over the eyes for 15 or 20 minutes while lying relaxed with your eyes closed. Beauty secret for lustrous hair: Against the loss of hair shine or just to make it look brighter, a good homemade beauty trick is to put wheat germ oil overnight. Then in the morning wash your hair thoroughly. Secrets of beauty for a hair with volume: In a small bottle mix water, a splash of lemon and a little liquid lacquer. After washing your hair, while it is wet, put it on your hair while spraying it with your head down. Dyeing naturally blond: For blondes or chestnuts who want to clear their hair a lot, there is a very effective beauty trick that consists in washing your hair with sea water and chamomile shampoo.

15 General Beauty Tips

We all know that being beautiful does not have to be difficult, or expensive, we present you these simple beauty tricks that every practical woman needs to know.

1. To curl the eyelashes

Warm up your eyelash curler for a few seconds, and once it has a bearable temperature curl as usual.

2. Exfoliate gently

After applying a little Vaseline on the lips, with a small toothbrush and rub gently with circular movements on your lips to exfoliate them.

3. Avoid bubbles in the nailpolish

To prevent these ugly bubbles from forming on the nails, place the enamel in the refrigerator before painting for 15 minutes.

4. Avoid dark circles and bags

If you had a difficult night and you should look like new, put a potato in the freezer for 40 minutes; cut it in two and place each half on each eye so that the swelling and the redness of your eyes diminish.

5. Natural make-up removergirl with day makeup

One of the best kept cosmetic secrets is the effectiveness of coconut oil. Among its many uses, it is excellent for removing eye makeup.

6. Eyebrows make a difference

If you like to look natural even if you have applied makeup, a good way to look good without exaggerating is to fill in your eyebrows a bit to frame the face.

7. Curlier eyelashes

Apply a layer of mascara while holding the curling iron attached to the base.

8. Choose one

When you are in a hurry to fix yourself, choose between lips and eyes to make up, not both.

9. Apply the corrector well

Although the general belief to apply concealer in the eyes is with small dots, the truth is that if you put it in the form of inverted triangle will make your eyes do not look tired.

10. Soothe your feet while you rest

One of the best ways to soften the skin of the feet is to apply petroleum jelly or a very moisturizing cream and place some socks before sleeping.

11. Remove remains of enamel

To clean excess paint from the fingers when we paint our nails, it is best to dip a small eye brush in an acetone to clean the remains.

12. Revive your eyelash mask

To remove the roughness to the mascara, there is nothing like submerging it in a glass with warm water.

13. Make up the lips with base

After your favorite lipstick; seal by pressing a facial towel and finish applying a little translucent powder on top to last longer.

14. Dry your hair faster

Change the old towel for a cotton shirt to dry in the most effective way your hair without mistreating it.

15. One for each use

Last but not least, remember that to achieve perfect makeup you must know the proper use of each brush and brush.

Our advice

But the best trick and beauty secret is to eat healthy, smoke little (or better leave it altogether), flee from excess stress and sleep the necessary hours. And, now that nobody hears us, the biggest secret is to be at ease with oneself, to be happy or to be in love.

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