Bean Bag Can Damage Your Spinal Cord 1/5 (1)


kid sitting on a bean bagBean bags are easily found in many homes. People keep bean bags in their rooms or in the drawing room. But do you know that it is not good for your spinal cord. Children and adults prefer to sit on it because sitting on a bean bag is quite comfortable, but very few people will know that due to excessive sitting on the bean bag, the spinal cord gets damaged. Apart from this, it proves to be dangerous for the body in many other ways. Let’s know how bean bags harm the body.

Bean Bag Side Effects

1.Bad for Vertebrae

By sitting on bean bag the vertebrae /spine, the body gets tilted inwards, thereby causing considerable stress on the spinal cord. Often older men are heard saying that it is right to sit straight in the waist but we can not sit directly on the bean bag. In such a situation, when sitting on the bean bag for a long time every day, there is a bad effect on the spinal cord and it starts hurting.

2. Bad Effects on Muscles

Many times a person sitting on a bean bag takes a nap thus keeps sitting in the same position on the hour. This has a bad effect on the muscles which get stretched in the wrong way thus resulting in muscle pains.

3.Pelvic Bone

Long time sitting on a bean bag has a negative effect on the bone and it becomes weak. Due to the weakness of the pelvic bone, there may be trouble in walking. Apart from this, sitting on a bean bag leads to sweating on the back and there is a risk of skin infection.


Although sitting on a bean bag feels relaxed but in the long run, it only damages the posture of our body thus affecting our spinal cord, muscles, and bones. If you already have it in the home then try not to sit for hours.

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