How To Get Your baby To Sleep Through The Night


One of the concerns that all parents bring us to mind when we have a little one at home is what to do when the baby does not sleep at night. Given this situation, there are methods for all tastes and we will have read everything in magazines or specialized books as well as in the network. Some urge you to sleep in their arms, others sleep with them in the same bed, what we know by co-sleeping, while another group of “experts” suggests that you let them cry until they learn to sleep

Whatever the method they suggest or suggest, they can be summarized in two main currents:

  • let the little one cry
  • sleep without tears

The technique we choose will ultimately depend on our way of being and the personal characteristics of our baby, something that you should never lose sight of.

However, and taking into account that  each baby is different and unique, ideally, all children should learn to sleep alone without this causing them stress while we could rest easy to be 100% a day following. Combine all this requires time, patience and some tricks of which I speak in this post.

But before moving on to the concrete proposals, I understand, as the mother of two children that I am, that in many cases what really worries us the most is leaving our baby alone for a long time. If so, the solution is as simple as leaving a baby watch in your room to always know how it is. In  this guide of babies you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Establish routines before bedtime.

baby sleeping

Although each baby is different, as is the family in which he/ she is born, follow good habits and establish certain routines before bedtime will become the best allies of any father or mother with small children.

We know that following healthy routines offers safety to the little ones and helps them to be calmer and calmer when the time comes to fall asleep. By reducing their stress and contributing to their well-being, we will be preparing them to rest peacefully for more hours.

You can easily establish some of the routines that I propose below:

  1. Afternoons of walk . Babies love to go outside, watch the world and relax with the rattle of the stroller. Although it is cold in winter do not stop going out with him for a long time, these outings are very beneficial for your physical and cognitive development.
  2. Bathtime . The moment of bathing is another of the most pleasant moments for our baby because it is not only about maintaining their hygiene, it is also a moment of great physical contact, where our caresses relax and calm you.
  3. Relaxing massages . After the bath, I recommend that you dedicate a few minutes to perform a relaxing massage for your baby while you sing or talk to him. There is nothing that calms them more.
  4. A good dinner . A baby with a full belly is a quiet baby. Make sure your baby eats enough and does not go hungry because this is usually one of the reasons why they usually wake up in the middle of the night.
  5. Keep dry . Before leaving him in the crib, make sure you have a clean and dry diaper.
  6. The moment of the story or the lullaby . Some families have a habit of explaining a story to their children before bedtime. When they are very small you can start with lullabies or lullabies while you cuddle and relax, but without getting to sleep because if you fall asleep it is likely that as soon as you leave him in the crib you wake up and cry.

Maintaining our own calmness and not showing signs of wanting them to fall asleep quickly is essential, as babies soon grasp our emotional states and this makes it difficult for them to calm down and fall asleep without problems.

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