Alkaline Products That Prevent Cancer


Consuming alkaline foods, it is much easier to lose weight, keep blood pressure normal, prevent heart problems, oncology.

One of the indicators of humanhealth is pH – acid-base balance. The proportions of acids and alkalis in the blood largely determine the condition of the body and longevity. Good health requires a high alkali content.

Consuming alkaline foods, it is much easier to get rid of excess weight, keep blood pressure normal, prevent heart problems, and oncology. And in general, they contribute to the fact that we look younger and feel better. And the products that oxidize the blood, on the contrary – cause diseases, including cancer. 

Keeping the pH under control is not so difficult. You just need not to abuse the products, “oxidizers” , not forgetting to eat enough alkaline

Acid products include:-

  • Dairy products; 
  • Coffee; 
  • Alcoholic drinks; 
  • Meat products;
  • Eggs; 
  • Fish; 
  • Legumes; 
  • White flour;
  • Sweet soda (and any products with a high content of sugar and sweeteners); 
  • Dried fruits;
  • Almost all fast food.

Canned food contains more acids than fresh. And the most harmful way of cooking is frying. Medicines

can increase acidity . The environment also affects the air and water contains a lot of toxic substances. All negative emotions, experiences affect the acid-base balance. The state of stress immediately increases the level of acidity. To improve your well-being, become stress-resistant and live longer, you should eat the following products :



Despite the sour taste of lemon, digestion makes the product alkaline. This fruit is considered the most saturated alkali of all that we eat. Tea with lemon, lemon juice, water with a piece of fruit – the daily consumption of such a liquid will be extremely useful for the whole body.



Its acid-base balance is very high – 9.0. Watermelon is also a delicious source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It effectively removes toxins from the body and reduces the acidity of the blood.



The pH of this healthy fruit named avacado is 8.0. It copes with the alkalization of the body, neutralizes acid in the stomach. Ways to prepare a lot of avocado. It is suitable for sandwiches, and for salad. You can also eat avocados separately, seasoning with spices to taste.

Ripe bananasBanana


Green bananas are not worth it, they increase the acidity, cause constipation, interfere with the nutrients absorbed. But ripe fruits, in addition to useful vitamins and minerals, contain enough alkali.



A pH of 8.5 makes asparagus a very effective alkalizing product. In addition, the vegetable is saturated with fiber, minerals and antioxidants. Asparagus has a positive effect on the water balance of the body, prevents age-related changes and goes well with all dishes.



It is proved that this cabbage helps the body to fight cancer cells. Vegetable contains alkali, fiber and other nutrients necessary for health.

Garlicraw garlic


A spicy vegetable not only perfectly complements food as a seasoning, but also normalizes acid-base balance. Seasoning the meat and fish dishes with a slice of garlic, we not only improve their taste, but also reduce their acidity. A green in tandem with garlic will saturate the body with healthy fiber.



Nuts are acid products, but not almonds. There is enough alkali in it. Eating almonds and milk from them will help lower cholesterol, improve brain function and maintain normal body pH.

Cayenne PepperCayenne-pepper


Exotic pepper is very useful. It has a high pH (8.5). It also has an antibacterial effect on the body, improves blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, removes toxins and positively affects the brain. 

If you have all these products several times a week, then you can not worry about your acid-base balance. And the risk of cancer is rapidly falling. And which of the above products do you most like?

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