5 Advantages of Eating Onions


Onion is one of the most used ingredients in the whole world and especially in the diet of the Mediterranean countries. This vegetable, in addition to being delicious, is very healthy for our organism, like most plants of the same family (garlic, leek, garlic …).

In this article, we present you 5 important benefits that will motivate you to eat even more if this fantastic food fits.

Onion Peel5 Benefits of Eating Onions

1. Fights flu and colds

In traditional Asian medicine, they used to place onions cut into pieces on the feet of the patient suffering from the flu or a cold. The reason why this technique is effective lies in the antibacterial properties of the plant. The same components that make our eyes sting while we cut onions, are absorbed by the blood vessels in the feet and directly carried into the bloodstream. Eating raw onion is also a good option but not everyone tolerates it.

Also, if you have a dry cough, you can try slicing several onions and putting them on a plate near your bed while you sleep. The gases generated by the onion will cause your respiratory system to secrete a bit of mucus to avoid the itching of the onion and in passing it will also prevent the itching of an irritative cough.

2. Help Prevent Cancer

Onions help prevent some types of cancer such as ovaries, colon or larynx. This is shown by studies that recommend eating onions at least 1 or 2 times a week.

3. It helps you control your blood sugar level

It is already known that onion is very beneficial for the circulatory system since it contains a substance called quercetin that favors blood circulation. This implies a reduction of suffering from heart problems

But in addition to this, the onion helps lower blood sugar levels. It has been shown that diabetics who consume onions continuously, significantly reduce the amount of blood sugar.

4. Prevents tooth fall

Eating raw onions not only eliminates the bacteria responsible for bad breath, it also helps eliminate some harmful bacteria that live in our gums and teeth and that cause premature tooth decay. Chewing a bit of raw onion for 2 or 3 minutes can remove much of the bacteria from your mouth.

5. It has diuretic properties

The onion helps to avoid the retention of liquids since it has an important amount of potassium and in turn, it has little sodium. This helps us not only to feel better aesthetically but also to purify toxins from our body more easily.

Now that you’ve read this, you only have to start eating more onions!

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