9 Things To Avoid For A good Night’s Sleep


sleepSleeping properly is essential to be healthy and with more energy. If the life we ​​live today with very exhausting work and stress, we add a poor quality of sleep and rest, our health will start to fail and over time we could have several problems on account of this.

If we have the habit of staying up late and getting up early, we could have a 48% chance of dying from heart disease according to a study conducted by Professor Francesco Cappuccio of Warwick Medical School.

Some habits or having a poor quality of sleep make our body work twice to perform many natural functions. Over time we develop low mental performance, irritability, headaches, physical fatigue and even anguish.

A study published in the Neurology Journal of 147 people between 20 and 84 years of age concluded that people with sleep problems had a loss of volume and brain size. In the most adult people, the changes are more significant.

Here are some errors before going to sleep that affect the health and quality of sleep.


It is natural to eat at night, the most recommended is to do it two hours before going to bed to give an adequate time of rest. It is not recommended to eat sugary foods before going to bed since they will raise blood sugar levels and make the organs work excessively while we sleep. Eating foods rich in protein is ideal solution.

Set a Daily Schedule

Usually, the body knows what it needs to wake up, what makes the alarm repetitive is disturbing the trigger point which will make it more difficult to maintain a normal cycle to wake up. When you go reprogramming the alarm clock you can present the case of falling back into a deep sleep. The idea is to maintain a constant schedule so as not to have problems in the future such as sleep disorders or insomnia, an established schedule is recommended, try to go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time.

Many people for work reasons cannot meet established sleep schedules, ideally then it is to give adequate rest time between 7 to 8 hours minimum and not to reschedule the alarm clock.

Use Darkness & Avoid Artificial Lights

Being exposed to artificial light constantly before going to sleep is a major obstacle to melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for giving that feeling of sleep. Being in front of the TV screen, computer, mobile or the light of the room and the house we will be losing the feeling of sleep and developing problems to reconcile it.

Avoid Alcoholic beverages

When ingesting alcohol many functions of the brain and the body continue to work, so it is common to wake up continuously or experience being between asleep and awake or it is also common to feel that it is still in the party or in a certain activity. The idea is to let the effects of alcohol pass.

While the effects of alcohol pass, it is good to try to hydrate and eat something soft as a broth so that the dryness is less strong and the brain and body regain hydration.

Intense Excercise

Doing intense exercise at night before going to sleep is not recommended if you want to rest deeply. The exercise instead of tiring it can fill you with energy and in the long term, if it is done during the night, it can complicate your physical recovery. It is best to do it in the morning to start the day with energy or when the afternoon falls to give a prudent time of recovery.

Avoid a long nap During Day

A nap can be a very pleasant energy recharge and it is not bad at all. The bad thing is to do it for a long time, ideally twenty minutes a day minimum and maximum 40 to avoid presenting disorders in sleep that affect health in the long term.

Tea/ Coffee

It also prevents the production of melatonin and can make our body fill with more energy and this before going to bed can spend nights of stress, producing headaches and general malaise. Coffee has many benefits, studies conducted at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) by Dr. Harris Lieberman and colleagues has shown beneficial effects in the performance of demanding tasks and the daily well-being of the mind. If you want to drink coffee, then do it, 4 hours before going to sleep.


It is good to adapt according to the needs, if it is very cold and not covered enough you could present the next day joint pains and if on the contrary, it is very hot it will be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Although many people think that sleeping in a cold room can help burn calories because the body requires more to spend warm, studies indicate that when we sleep we also burn calories, ideally find a balance where we are comfortable.

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