7 Signs Of Aging That You May Not Notice


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Years put their footprint slowly and not so noticeable. Some wrinkles are also visible to the naked eye, but other changes can be quite surprising and when you notice it is too late. But if you pay attention to them in time, you can postpone old age. Here are 7 such signs. When you know them, and you notice them in time, it will be easier for you to take care of your good shape and respond to age changes in a timely manner.

1. Nails become brittle

Nails are one of the best health indicators that we rarely pay attention to. Thicked or vice versa, thickened nails can tell a lot about your body. Strong and healthy nails talk about normal levels of hormones. Over time, however, the situation has changed. With age, the production of hormones decreases, from which the nails can become too brittle or even thicker than usual. However, these changes occur gradually, and we often miss this sign.

2. Hair Color Changes

We all know that grayening and blanching hair is one of the visible signs of aging. There is also a scientific explanation for this process. As the years go by, hair stops producing melanin, the pigment that stains it. The level of melanin is significantly reduced, and production stops completely. Then the hair turns white.

3. Deterioration of the body

The strength and strength of the muscles and joints, as well as our habits, influence the most of the weight. In the young years, all these factors play in our favor, but with years, the situation is changing. The back is not so strong, but the backbone cannot keep the body so well. The strength of the muscles and joints diminishes, and we begin to hug and tilt a bit forward. And our weight is not straight and tight as before.

4. Changes in Sleep Mode

Have you noticed that in young years, no matter where and how we slept, we wake up and relax? But, it is gradually getting harder to go to bed late and to wake up fresh. Over time, the sleep cycle changes, and we begin to feel drowsy earlier and, respectively, to wake up early in the morning. It is more and more often happening to wake up several times at night, and our sleep is no longer so deep. These are natural changes in the body.

5. Increased allergic reactions

In our youth, our immune system works much better and more efficiently. Even if you have an allergy to something, the body can more easily tolerate more stimuli, and the immune system can easily handle most allergens. Over time, however, different immune crashes began, and allergies became more pronounced and varied. Experts advise to pay attention to this sign in due time.

6. Loss of taste

Our cells contain cages that are reproduced at regular intervals to protect our taste sensations. Over the years, however, the regeneration of the taste buds is becoming slower, as a result of which they can become dull and lose sensitivity.

7. Soles become thinner

They carry our body throughout our lives. They are endowed with a more rigid fabric, thanks to which we can move and keep our body in the right position. Steps soften our gait and allow us to move at our discretion. But when we get older this hard tissue is thinning, and the softening surface decreases. That’s why we’re starting to feel pain for a long walk.

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