7 Amazing Health Facts You Might Not Know


Enjoying a healthy life is for those who dare: it is a real challenge. It supposes, first of all, to exercise incredible willpower and overcome habit, immediate pleasure and laziness. But, in return, it offers great rewards that are translated, essentially, into a fuller life.

So, what do you think if you start focusing on your health? For you to do it, we want to share some curious facts that will help you in this purpose. List?

1.The secret effect of bananasBanana

Do you live with your belly inflated? Then, you’ll be glad to know that the key to recovering your usual abdomen is hidden in your basket of fruits – and more precisely, in bananas. This is because the root of the swelling is usually attributed to excess sodium, and the potassium of bananas counteracts the effects of this. So, you know: to moderate the consumption of salt and eat more bananas!

2. Fluctuating weight


It is enough that you weigh 2 times a day – one in the morning and another at night – so you can check this fact: the body weight fluctuates between 1 and even a little more than 2 kilograms in a day. Due to the fluid retention -that is usually enhanced after having eaten a lot of salt or during menstruation.

3. Sticking To Chaircorrect posture tips

Recent studies have shown that sitting for 11 hours a day or more shortens life. Therefore, if part of your job is to pose your booty on a chair for a good part of the day, we recommend that you get up every so often, whether to go to the bathroom or take a few steps.

4. A better Memory

Green tea has proven to have many health benefits. Thus, for example, it helps regulate body weight and delays cell aging. But, in addition, as recent research has shown, this variety of tea also improves memory.

5. Sugar during the periodanti skin aging tips

We feel fragile, bloated and we look for something to please ourselves. So we opened the refrigerator and we lowered the whole bottle of ice cream. Well … maybe this is not a great idea after all. And is that foods rich in sugar reduce the amount of magnesium and this effect produces swelling. Therefore, if in your next period you prefer not to feel like a hot air balloon, opt for foods low in sugar.

6. Good Humor

Who does not want to start the day with good humor? A good bowl of oatmeal can help you achieve it! And is that this food stimulates the production of serotonin, also known as the “hormone of good humor”.

7. Long-term Advantage

The advantages of exercise are not reduced to enjoying a more slender body and, they are many! Thus, for example, a recent study showed that those who exercise at 20 have a better memory at 40 and 50 years.

Living in full health is not a privilege that falls from heaven. It is the result, above all, of the choices you make daily. So, what do you think if you start being more aware of them?

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