6 Natural Foods To Reverse Osteoporosis


OsteoporosisNowadays, it is important to know how to fight osteoporosis, since scientific studies indicate that of every 10 women 1 suffers from this disease and for every 5 men 1 suffer from osteoporosis.Therefore, we will talk about the properties of 10 foods which are good for controlling and preventing osteoporosis :


It is vital that throughout childhood and youth, food is the most suitable, but during our adulthood, it is essential to eat well especially we must ensure that the diet contains sources of calcium and vitamin D, which are necessary to combat osteoporosis.

2. ONIONOnion Peel

It is considered one of the most easily found ingredients in the kitchen today, not only for its flavor but for outstanding properties that include the activation of the functioning of the pancreas, the gallbladder, and the liver.

In addition, the onion is one of the vegetables with wonderful and multiple properties that prevent problems in the joints, bones or arthritis.


This food is a derivative that is obtained from soy, having a high demand due to its nutritional value.

Soy milk is one of the good foods for osteoporosis, because it provides the essential fatty acids that the body requires for its proper functioning and protection. It can be used in different recipes, to taste its flavor.


Fruit salads are among the recommended foods for osteoporosis to achieve a balance to compensate for nutritional requirements.

These fruit salads can be accompanied with kiwi and almonds, as well as with an orange juice, allowing to satisfy some of the needs required to avoid osteoporosis.


Grains are another useful food for osteoporosis because they provide many of the minerals and vitamins needed in the body, being a delicious proposal that can be eaten in the form of broth to take advantage of all its nutrients.

The grains are of high energetic value and come in different presentations such as carrots, beans, lentils etc.


This legume is very rich and contains a high calcium value, like most legumes, which is why it is an excellent food for osteoporosis. Including these foods in our diet is of great important.

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