5 Juices To Drink For Constipation


detox-foodsConstipation is a condition that can lead to very bad times. But natural juices are great allies to stop suffering and put aside constipation.

Prepare 5 Juices For Constipation

1. Oat and Apple Juice: A glass of water is added to the blender, three spoons of oatmeal in flakes, the oatmeal is very easy in a supermarket or store and a split apple, it is liquefied well and it is taken fresh.

2. Oat and Pear Juice: Same as the previous juice, a glass of water in the blender, three spoonfuls of oatmeal in flakes and a split pear, it is liquefied until it is well beaten and you can add some natural honey to sweeten.

3. Celery and cucumber smoothie: It does not taste very good, but when it comes to maintaining good health it is excellent. Just split a cucumber into small pieces and add them to the blender, then wash the celery very well and add a few branches with the stem. It is liquefied well and it is taken fresh.

4. Juice of Papaya and Honey: a glass of water in the blender, also good amount of papaya cut into pieces and a little honey from bees. You can also add two tablespoons of ground flaxseed.

5. Mango, Oatmeal and Honey Juice: A glass of water, a well-ripe mango previously split, three spoonfuls of oat flakes and two tablespoons of honey.

These juices should be taken every day on an empty stomach and after the last meal of the day. You can vary between the day or every day to make a different one, they are excellent to combat and prevent constipation .


Tips For Fighting Constipation

1. Avoid flours unless they are whole. Also avoid processed sweets, spicy and irritating foods such as sauces, also cold meats and soft drinks.

2. Do not force when you go to the bathroom, you have to let it flow normally. Since doing strength can damage the condition or make the problem more serious since hemorrhoids or even anal fissures can appear .

3. Take a balanced diet rich in fiber, some of the foods richest in fiber are: beans and lentils, also fruits and vegetables.

4. It is recommended to take at least 8 glasses of water per day and perform physical activity or walk at least half an hour a day to regulate intestinal transit .

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