4 Tips To Make Your Face Look Thinner With Makeup


A slim face makes a girl look slim even though she may be putting on some weight. Girls with round or square face usually look bulkier than the former ones. But the good news is that makeup can make your face look slimmer thus making your overall appearance slim. Let’s know these simple makeup tips to look slim.slim-look-makeup

1. Foundation Trick

The foundation is the first thing you do when doing a Makeup. The girls whose face is round and double-chin, they should buy some darker foundation from the face color. To give a face to a slim look, place the forehead, cheek upper and a light colored foundation on your chin. After this, apply dark foundation on the side of the face and on the jaw line. This will give the illusion of a slim face.

2. Highlighter

The highlighter is the best option to give a slim look to round cheeks. Starting from the middle of the eyebrow, come downwards. Now finish by putting the nose on the lips and under the chin. With the help of fingers, make it well on the face.


A wonderful hairstyle can also give the face a slim look. For this, cut hair by the face or even curl in open hair, this way thickness of the face can be hidden.

4. Eye Makeup

From the shadow come on the eyes. Now apply the eye liner to the outer surfaces of the eyes and then make a visible look to the eyes by wearing a mascara. This will make the eyes appear long and intense, with the face visible slim.

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