3 Natural Homemade Scrub For Blackheads


blackhead removalAre you still looking for the perfect scrub from blackheads ? Try to make them at home with following beauty tips.

Scrub 1: Honey + Lemon

Clear the skin of blackhead which can be done with liquid honey. All you need to do is to warm it up and apply it on your face, and after 10-12 minutes wash it off with warm water. No less effective is a mixture of honey,  fermented milk, salt and lemon.

To make such a scrub, you need to mix one teaspoon of salt with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Then add a teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of  fermented milk. This mixture should be applied to the face for 10 minutes, then gently rinse with warm water.

Scrub 2: Grapefruit + Oat Flakes

To make this scrub, squeeze the juice from a half of grapefruit, add one tablespoon of chopped oatmeal. The resulting mixture is left to stand for five minutes, then massage the massage on the face. After 15 minutes, wash off first with warm, then with cold water.

Scrub 3: Corn Flour + Milk

Combine two tablespoons of cornmeal with five tablespoons of milk. Apply a scrub with gentle movements in the area of ​​the skin with black dots. Leave it to dry completely, then wash your face with cool water.

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