15 Foods To Eat For A Flat Abdomen


The fat located in the belly area is often difficult to eliminate, and the ‘miracle’ products are not an infallible trick to make it disappear. However, if you mix a healthy diet and exercise, you will be able to fight those extra pounds so that you can wear a fabulous flat belly. Here we recommend 20 home remedies that will help you.

1. Cranberry Juice

These delicious fruits contain a large percentage of organic acids that help improve the digestion of food. This way you can eliminate the deposits of fat that accumulate in the organs. Remember to consume it naturally, without sugar, in addition to drinking water to make it work better.

2. Honey and Lemonlemon water recipe

Try to eat a glass of water with hot lemon juice and a little honey. It will help you clean and eliminate localized fat in the belly.

3. Pineapple Juice with flaxseedpineapple-slices

Flaxxeeds have antioxidant properties and Omega-3 and pieapple has anti-Inflammatory. Drink it every day on an empty stomach so you can have a more significant effect.

4. Almondsalmonds

Almonds contain good amount of potassium and a diuretic effect, as well as fiber that provides very few calories, so eating some will make you feel sated more quickly in a healthy way.

5. Lemon juice upon wakinglemon water

Before breakfast squeeze the juice of a lemon in a glass of warm water and take it: this will help your metabolism clean the liver so you feel more energized and without digestive discomfort.

6. Garlic Tearaw garlic

Garlic acts as an appetite suppressant, which makes you feel full. In this way, you avoid eating more than usual. Also, it improves the metabolism.

7. Tomatoraw tomato benefits

Thanks to its great contribution of fiber and phytonutrients that help detoxify the body, tomatoes burn the fact that our body does not need.

8. Seed of Chiachia-seeds

In addition to being a source of antioxidant for its proteins and B-complex vitamins, chia can absorb the liquid. Its high content of Omega 3 helps the transport of nutrients that improve the metabolism, which allows eliminating fat and excess body volume.

9. Raspberriesgoji-berries

Thanks to its fat burning powers and thermogenesis that helps control appetite, raspberry is one of the best fruits that will help you lose weight fast.

10. Green Teapeppermint tea

Green tea is a potent fat burning, plus it helps lower cholesterol and free radicals. Consume it at least three times a day half an hour before or after each meal, to reduce the calories in your system.

11. Kiwikiwi fruit benefitsKiwi is one of the fruits that contain very few calories and a lot of vitamin C, making it a powerful laxative that helps prevent constipation and fluid retention.

12. Apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar

Take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water: it will help you improve your digestion and reduce acidity and reflux.

13. Oats

Oats help activates your metabolism efficiently, so you will eliminate accumulated fat thanks to its high fiber content. You will have more energy, enough to be active throughout the day.

14. Consume fatty acids

You can eat a 1/4 tablespoon of hemp seeds daily for Omega-3 requirement of your body. This way you will help your liver to eliminate abdominal fat thanks to its antioxidant power.

15. Raw green leafy vegetablesfoods

You can consume them in salads so that all their vitamins and nutrients are not lost. They will help you eliminate fat naturally.

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