14 Reasons For Eating Goji Berries Daily


goji-berriesGoji is known as the “Fruit of longevity” , which strengthens muscles and bones. Provides energy reserves to help manage us against almost any difficulty. The strength of antioxidants and their polysaccharide molecules defend us against premature aging, neutralizing the damage that free radicals cause throughout the body.

Here are some of the reasons why the Goji berry should be taken daily.

1. It makes us feel younger and more vital

It lengthens life since it protects the body from premature aging due to its powerful antioxidant action.
Free radicals are continually attacking the cells of the body. These harmful agents around us can accelerate aging by destroying vital cells of the body faster than they are replaced.

2. Increase Energy and Strength

Goji increases endurance during exercise. In addition, it helps reduce fatigue, especially in cases of diseases.

It also stimulates the release of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is called the youth hormone. The benefits are numerous and include: reduction of body fat, a more restful sleep, improved memory, faster healing, increased libido and a more youthful appearance.

3. Maintains a healthy Blood Pressure

One in every four adults in the US has hypertension, which without adequate control can cause cardiovascular disease or kidney failure. Hypertension is difficult to detect and that is why it is called the “silent killer”. The increase in blood pressure could be significantly prevented by the action of Goji polysaccharide molecules.

4. Contain Anti-Cancer Mineral

It is one of the few plants on Earth that contains the anti-cancer mineral Germanium . Its unique antioxidants and polysaccharides can stop the genetic mutations that lead to this disease. Some scientists claim that Goji can be a good supplement to prevent liver cancer because it strengthens liver protection.

5. Inhibits Tumor Growth

Goji also disables tumor cell growth by inducing , the process called apoptosis by which cells are destroyed and recycled.

6. Reduces the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation

One study showed that taking Goji improves the effects of radiation in the fight against lung cancer, allowing a lower dose to be used. Other studies indicate that Goji can protect against the harmful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

7. Prevents Heart Problem

Goji has beta-sitosterol, which is effective in reducing cholesterol levels. Its antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and the formation of arterial plaques. On the other hand, flavonoids help maintain the proper functioning of the arteries.

8. For Diabetes and Weight Loss

Goji is proven to be effective in reducing weight by facilitating the conversion of food into energy instead of fat. Thus it helps those who are into weight loss regime.

9. Improves the sexual Health

The Goji berry is revered as one of the first herbal sexual tonics of all Asian medicine. Recent scientific studies have shown that Goji increases testosterone in the blood.

10. Relieves Headaches and Dizziness

In traditional Chinese medicine, headaches and dizziness were often associated with deficiencies in yin (vital energy) and yang (function). Goji is one of the most frequently used plants to restore yin / yang balance. Another function is to relieve insomnia and improve the quality of sleep.

11. Strengthens Vision and Heart

Since ancient times, Goji berries are well known in China for their properties to improve vision. Current studies by Chinese scientists have found that Goji is helps in reducing the time it takes for vision to adapt to darkness. It also improves vision under low light conditions. In turn, it contains cyperone , which is beneficial for the heart and blood pressure.

12. Acts as “defense” against harmful substances

Cholesterol and other blood lipids can be fatal when they form peroxide lipids. Their accumulation in the blood can lead to cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, atherosclerosis and strokes. Goji increases the levels of an enzyme in the blood that inhibits this type of formation.

13. Goji As a Blood Fortifier

Goji increases the number of lymphocytes and helps activate them when the organism is attacked. A lymphocyte is part of the group of white blood cells, which organizes a defense when the invading organisms penetrate the body’s general defenses.

14. Restores and Repairs DNA

DNA is the most important chemical structure in our body. It keeps track of all traits inherited from our ancestors, also ensuring, as necessary, that our billions of cells reproduce as exact and healthy duplicates. Exposure to chemicals, pollution, and free radicals can cause damage and breakage in our DNA. This can lead to genetic mutations, cancer, and even death.

The recommended amount of goji berry

To achieve the medicinal effect, the recommended daily dosage of goji berry is between 15 and 45 grams or 120 ml of its juice.

How to consume goji berry

The idea is to consume the goji berry in the morning as it will provide energy for the day that will start. Food can be mixed with other fruits or salads, juices, and yogurts. In Brazil it is difficult to find the fresh version of goji berry, usually it is consumed dehydrated. If the food is ingested in the dehydrated version it is recommended to ingest it with a liquid to hydrate the fibers and potentiate the beneficial effects. Another interesting option is to consume the goji berry in the form of juice.

Goji berry supplements and teas

Some people choose to drink goji berry tea, but there are as yet no scientific indications or scientific studies that prove the benefits of this drink. Goji berry supplements can only be ingested after medical advice and there is also no renowned scientific research showing that if they have health points.

Compare goji berry with other foods

When compared to other foods, the goji berry stands out for the great amount of nutrients. 45 grams of goji berry count 22 times more vitamin C than an orange.

The fruit still has six times more vitamin C than kiwi, another food has great values ​​of this nutrient. Goji berry still has more carotenoids than any other known food, such as carrots.


Some goji berry substance is believed to interact with P450, a palce in the liver where many medicines are metabolized. Therefore, the consumption of the food is not indicated for those who use necessary daily medications as for the glycemic and pressure control.

Risks of excess consumption

Some studies conducted in the United States indicate that excessive consumption of goji berry teas has an inhibitory action of medication used to prevent thrombosis or anticoagulants.

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