11 Signs That You Suffer From Vitamin-C Deficiency


Vitamin C plays a major role in the regulation of body metabolism, the formation of hormones and blood cells, as well as the composition of collagen and tissues that makes skin, blood vessels, bones, and cartilage.Do You Get Enough Vitamin-C

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is essential for the formation of collagen, which gives structure to the tissues of the body and in the absorption of iron, besides having a role in regulating the body’s metabolism and in the formation of blood cells. Therefore, lack of Vitamin-C may cause signs and symptoms such as:


If you feel tired all the time and lethargic as well then you might be lacking Vitamin-C. The deficiency causes adrenal fatigue and weakness that gives a feeling of tiredness for no reason.

2.Frequent Infections

Increased risk of infections, such as colds and flu, because lack of vitamin C impairs the formation of white blood cells and alters various functions of the immune system.

3.Wounds Don’t Heal Easy

Not taking it in enough amounts result in collagen deficiency thus wounds don’t heal in due time.

4.Gum/ Nose Bleeding

If you often notice gum bleeding during brushing of your teeth and there is no infection symptoms then it is a sign of lack of Vitmain-C.

5.Body Aches

Lack of this vitamin causes poor absorption of some minerals, which leads to muscle weakness and causes body aches.

6.Mood Swings

Sadness, mental stress, and reasoning difficulties, because the lack of this vitamin can produce brain chemical changes.

7.Blotchy spots on the Body

Due to due to the fragility of the blood vessels; Blotchy spots may appear on the body.

8.Frequent Fractures

Bone deformities and increased risk of fractures, especially in children, as it alters the calcification process and bone formation;

9.Hair Loss

Vitamin C builds collagen that is useful for the strengthening of hair and its lack can cause hair loss.

10.Brittle Nails

Your nails may come off quickly and as they lack collagen due to not eating fruits rich in Vitamin-C.

11.Bone Deformities

Acute deficiency of vitamin C causes scurvy, characterised by bone deformities, impaired growth, and cardiac changes.

How To Take Vitamin-C

Vitamin C is found mainly in citrus fruits and vegetables such as Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica), pineapple, acerola, orange, lemon, and pepper.

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