11 Natural Health Benefits of Amla Juice


Amla also known as gooseberry is considered to be one of the most beneficial fruits for your health. We can use Amla in many ways. Amla’s pickle, amla marmalade etc are eaten with great passion. By the way, you can also eat gooseberry raw, it feels a bit sour in the food before, but when you eat it, you start to feel a little bit of sweetness.amla juice

Amla is a precious gift given to man by nature. By consuming it, many of the diseases that are of the body are eliminated. Do you know how many benefits do you get by drinking amla juice daily in the morning?

If you wake up in the morning and drink then your whole day will become energetic. Vitamin C and iron are found in very good amounts of amla juice. In fact, it is the richest source of Vitamin-C compared to every other food on the Earth. Every person needs 50mg vitamin C per day, which you can complete by eating or by drinking the juice.

So let us know the method of making amla juice and the benefits of drinking it by drinking it.

Health Benefits of Amla Juice

1.Excellent for Skin

Amla juice has an abundance of antioxidants, which do not let the effect of the aging come on your face. So regularly drinking amla juice, can make you look young for a long time. By using this your skin becomes shiny. Mixing honey with amla juice daily makes your face shine.

2. Removes Constipation

Drinking Amla juice daily can permanently cure chronic constipation. Therefore, drinking Amla juice every day can be done to overcome severely severe constipation.

3. Abundant in Vitamin C

Amla is abundant in amla juice which is a very good natural remedy for cold . It helps strengthen the body’s immunity. Therefore, by drinking this miraculous juice regularly, prevents you from cold and cough.

4. Weight Loss

It is helpful for weight loss because Amla reduces appetite and control metabolism which helps you lose weight in a natural way.

5.Increase Sexual Power

It contains vitamin C which helps in boosting sex power. So drinking Amla juice makes sex life even better. If you want to improve your sex life, definitely do use amla juice.

6. Lowering Cholesterol

Juice of gooseberry keeps cholesterol in control. If you are a patient of high cholesterol then only 1 glass of amla juice can prove to be a boon for you. Drinking it daily reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and good cholesterol in the body begins to grow.

7. Blood Purifier

Do you know when honey is mixed with amla juice, it cleanses your blood? This makes the blood clean and thus a healthier body.

8. For Nose Bleeding

Add 2-3 drops of fresh amla in the nose, it is helpful to stop the nose bleeding immediately. The problem of getting blood from the nose for a long time can quickly be resolved by drinking Amla juice daily.

9.For hair

This miraculous juice makes your hair thick, tall, shiny and black. It helps the hair grow faster and makes them stronger. It also prevents hair from getting gray too early.

10.Removes Urine Irritation

If you are feeling burning in urine, drink 30 ml of gooseberry juice twice a day. This will give you relief from burning urine.

11.Beneficial For Eyes

These juices are very beneficial for beneficial eyes for eyes. Daily consumption is good for your eyes. By drinking this juice, you can improve your eyesight.

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