10 Symptoms of Postpartum Depression


depressionPostpartum Depression and Anxiety is type of mood disorder that occurs after childbirth. Both men and women can get this type of depression. Those who develop this are more at risk of developing acute depression later on in life.

Symptoms of postpartum depression & anxiety may occur soon after birth, or up to one year after the birth of the baby, and usually include:

  1. Constant sadness;
  2. Guilt;
  3. Low self esteem;
  4. Extreme dismay and tiredness;
  5. Little interest in the baby;
  6. Inability to care for you and your baby;
  7. Fear of being alone;
  8. Lack of appetite;
  9. Lack of pleasure in daily activities;
  10. Difficulty getting to sleep.

In the first few days and up to the first month of the baby’s life, it is normal for the woman to have some of these symptoms because the mother needs time to adjust to the baby’s needs and changes in her life.

However, when symptoms of postpartum depression persist for 2 weeks or longer, it is advisable to consult a psychiatrist to assess the situation and initiate appropriate treatment.

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression in Men

Symptoms of postpartum depression usually occur from the end of gestation to the first year of the baby’s life and can be:

  • Irritability and impatience;
  • Sadness and negative thoughts;
  • Lack of will to live with others;
  • Easy and constant crying;
  • Lack of appetite;
  • Difficulty in relating to children;
  • Anxiety and lack of attention.

Generally, the symptoms of postpartum depression in men are related to increased responsibilities related to providing a good life to the baby and giving emotional support to the wife. Thus, the man with symptoms of postpartum depression should also consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to initiate appropriate treatment.

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