10 Health Benefits of Cardamom


Cardamom is an natural herb known for its distinct aroma and variety of health benefits. Let us know these in details.

1. Cardamom is a Very Nutritious

Cardamom besides having a delightful aroma and the characteristic flavor is a very nutritious plant:

It is low in calories (100g / 311 calories)
Carbohydrates: 70% (68g)
Protein 12% (10g)
Fats 18% (6.7g)

It stands out for its contribution of Sodium and Potassium and fiber
Cardamom is rich in water, nutrients, essential fatty acids, for which it brings multiple health benefits

When consumed in various dishes like cardamom contributes not only its rich flavor but also provides benefits with the properties that this plant has:

2.Natural Antiseptic

No doubt, many foods stand out for having helped to avoid and eliminate bacteria, especially those that cause bad breath, and cardamom is not far behind. As it is a rich source of cineole (a natural antiseptic component) that helps eliminate the bacteria that causes halitosis or bad breath, used as a remedy will be of great help to eliminate the unpleasant odor. You have to chew the seeds after eating to take advantage of its antiseptic benefits.

3.The cardamon can help to prevent cavities

One major advantage of consuming cardamom seeds after eating, is that it will help prevent the appearance of cavities, without doubt, is a great benefit to oral health. The geraniol and cineol components contained in cardamom help this. Some brands of toothpaste use these components as ingredients to make products. So if you see them in the content, use them.

4.For Respiratory Health

Cardamom improves the health of the lungs, so use it in cases of flu, catarrh, bronchitis, cough, and it will be of great help in relieving symptoms, especially help in expelling phlegm, clearing the airways. This plant stands out for its expectorant properties. Using cardamom is an alternative as a natural treatment in the cases above; in addition, it can also be used in cases of asthma, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, in addition to having expectorant properties, it also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Preparing a herbal tea or adding the seeds of this plant along with other infusions such as eucalyptus will help to combat respiratory problems.

5.Great Source of Antioxidants

Without a doubt, including foods, plants, seeds that have this benefit, will always be a good source of health for the body, and cardamom also has this benefit. It contains phenolics and flavonoids, which are antioxidant agents, that help prevent the damage caused by free radicals, thus avoiding premature aging and diseases, so consuming it as much as a seasoning or tisane will be good for the body.

6. Cardamom To Counter Infection

In addition, it has been mentioned that cardamom is a good source of antioxidants and provides great properties, also stands out for being able to prevent the development of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi. It helps to inhibit growth by avoiding infections.

7. Good For Digestive System

Cardamom is characterized by being a plant that has been called digestive plant, this, for its properties to maintain digestive health. It works as a natural toner, it neutralizes the excess of acids in the stomach, it favors the good digestion of the foods, it prevents the flatulence, calms stomach pain and gastritis.

Cardamom works as an excellent stimulant for the appetite, consuming it will usually be helpful for people who are depressed, with a lack of appetite, drinking cardamom tea will be very useful.

8. Invigorates The Body

Cardamom has among its many benefits to revitalize the body. Cardamom has been considered a potent stimulant of the nervous system because of its high content of aromatic oils. Also for this benefit and its contribution of essential oils, can work as an ingredient in aromatherapy to be able to treat anxiety, nervous states, stress, fatigue, etc.

9. Helps Detoxification

Consuming cardamom has been used for urinary problems, but also because of its contribution and anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and other properties, can work to maintain the general health of the body. It helps to purify the body.

10. Fights Depression

Cardamom provides clarity & calmness to the mind and thought and keeps a person stable thus relieves depression.

How to take the Cardamom

Cardamom can be consumed in two ways, like condiment, a spice that will give great flavor to the dishes, soups, sauces, such as rice, drinks, dressings, etc. you can enjoy all the benefits it brings. It also has a great flavor. You can also prepare herbal teas with the seeds of this plant, you can boil one or two cups of water and you can add a teaspoon of seeds, just crushed preferences, add to the boiling water and let stand for fifteen minutes, then drink.


Undoubtedly, many types of plants are considered medicinal and all of them provide multiple properties, which undoubtedly do the body well. But it will certainly work if:

  • Suffering from ulcers
  • In cases of intestinal diseases such as irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease inflammatory bowel disease.
  • In cases of diverticulitis, digestive disorders, cramps and other cases
  • Cardamom has many benefits, but if you want to use as an alternative to natural treatment, it is important that you seek medical advice, to avoid side effects. In addition, pregnant, breastfeeding or endometriosis patients should avoid cardamom.
  • Cardamom is used in powder, pharmacological preparations, etc. the seeds of this plant can be found in specialized health food stores.

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