10 Health Benefits of Black Tea


When it comes to freshness, the tea comes first into our mind.There are varieties of tea like milk sugar, lemon, celery, ginger black pepper cardamom leaves, green tea, herbal tea, black tea etc. We all choose and drink tea with our choice. And today we will talk about the advantages of getting black tea.black tea

It has been proved in many types of research that consuming tea without milk, can be more beneficial for our body.

People who drink more tea should drink black tea. Drinking too much of Normal Tea is prohibited because milk tea has many side effects. But black tea has many benefits. So today we will know about the benefits of drinking black tea before that

Black Tea Making Method


Materials needed to make black tea
1 cup of water
1/2 teaspoon black tea leaf


Add a cup of water to the tea making utensil
Add half teaspoon black tea leaves into it
Boil this mixture and filter it
Take Your Black Tea Ready

Here are few special health benefits of black tea:

Decreases Obesity: Weight can be reduced due to lack of milk and sugar in black tea. Antioxidants present in tea are very beneficial in reducing obesity, fat burning, and cholesterol control. Adding milk to tea reduces the antioxidant effect. Taking black tea burns more than 70% calories, thereby easing the weight.

Reduced Disease Risk: Daily consumption of black tea reduces the chance of getting diabetes. The risk of all diseases associated with blood circulation system and type 2 diabetes is greatly reduced.

Reduces Cancer Risk: Cancer risk is less likely due to black tea as it has anti-oxidants.

Improved Digestion: It has various useful ingredients found in Black Tea are highly beneficial for digestion and they strengthen the digestive tract.

Skin Benefits: Black tea contains beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin B2, C, E and Minerals which are highly beneficial for our skin. Apart from these, elements of potassium, magnesium, zinc etc are also present. The use of black tea helps in removing our skin scars by protecting us from skin infections. Regular consumption of help in preventing wrinkles.

Prevents Heart-Stroke: If you drink black tea on a regular basis, not only does your weight comes into control but the flavonoid present in it prevents the formation of bad cholesterol in your body, which prevents heart-stroke.

Relieves Headache: Black tea not only improves headaches but also gives other benefits too because it has relaxing agents in it.

Lowers cholesterol Level: Regular consumption of black tea keeps your cholesterol level in control.

Strengthens Bones: By drinking Raregular black tea, our body bones are strengthened due to phytochemicals involved in it.

As Blood Thinner: Black tea does not allow blood to be thick, so blood clots do not accumulate in the veins.

Yes, it is true that for many in the beginning, will not like its taste, but if they get the benefit, they will get used to it.

The only precaution to be taken is that people with dry skin should not take it regularly as it dries the skin.

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