10 Common Habits That Causes Kidney Damage


The kidneys are an essential part of your body’s purification system. Good kidney function is essential for any healthy body.

Kidney Care Tips

Our kidneys help in detoxification of the blood, so the wastes that are filtered can be discharged through the urine.

A high blood pressure, family history of kidney failure, diabetes, result in an increased risk of developing kidney disease. But even if we do not get into these categories of risk, it is important to take care of these organs and avoid some daily habits that can affect them.

Know here 10 habits that harm kidney

1.Consuming Lots of Sodium

One of the jobs of the kidney is to metabolize the sodium we consume. When we eat salty foods, the kidneys work double, which in the long run can affect it.

2.Taking Soda or Soft Drinks

Research by the University of Osaka in Japan found that people who drink two or more soda per day have a higher risk of kidney disease. In the study, people who consumed large amounts of soft drinks were more likely to have protein in their urine (proteinuria). Proteinuria is an early sign of renal damage, although at the stage of reversing the damage.

3.Excess Alcohol

It is a habit that causes kidney damage in the short term. Alcoholic beverages contain toxins and chemicals that are aggressive to the depurative organs: the kidneys and the liver.

4.Excess Caffeine

Coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks are sources of caffeine. Drinking them excessively can lead to kidney damage. It can increase blood pressure, which can affect the health of the kidneys.


People who smoke have a three-fold increased risk of developing kidney function abnormalities compared to non-smokers, according to a study by researchers at the Monas University in Clayton, Australia; Published in the scientific journal “American Journal of Kidney Diseases”.

Numerous studies have revealed the harmful effects of tobacco on the kidney of patients with diabetes or high blood pressure. It was found that smokers were more likely to have high levels of protein in their urine, which is an indicator of kidney damage.

6.Abuse of Analgesics

Uncontrolled self-medication is very common in most people, who believe that they are the best solution to relieve their ailments. However, its abuse has serious side effects, including kidney damage as all allopathic medicines, are harsh on liver and kidney if taken too much.

7.Holding Urination Process

When you have a bladder full of urine for a long time, different complications in the urinary tract can arise, in addition to suffering infections, you are causing your kidneys to start installing small crystallites, usually originated by calcium, phosphate, ammonium And magnesium.

8.Drinking Little Water

Not drinking enough water is a mistake that damages our kidneys. The main job of the kidneys is to drain metabolic wastes from the body and regulate erythrocyte balances. When we are not well hydrated, the renal blood flow decreases, which translates into the accumulation of toxins in the blood.

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