10 Amazing Benefits & Uses of Banana Peel


You may probably have read or heard about the benefits of banana, but today you will find it strange to know and will be surprised that banana peels are also useful for our body. Banana is among the most well-known and easy to consume fruit that is found everywhere easily. But might not be aware of the benefits and uses of banana peel.banana peel benefits uses

Researches have revealed that banana has a good level of serotonin hormones which is a feel-good natural element. Besides,

Banana peels contain plenty of nutrients and carbohydrates, Vitamin B6, B12, Magnesium, Carbohydrate, Antioxidants, Potassium, Manganese, and Magnesium, which are very useful for metabolism.
Let us know in detail about the benefits of banana peel.

Benefits & Uses of Banana Peels

1.Makes Teeth White and Shiny

If your tooth is losing its natural glow for some reason then the banana peel will be very beneficial for your teeth. Rub banana peels on your teeth for this. Use it twice a day on your teeth; Regular use of it for one week will make your teeth white and shiny.

2.Banana Peel For Acne

Girl with Acne

There are many such elements found in the banana peel that remove the problem of nail acne easily. It also provides nutrition to the skin as well helps the skin retain its moisture.

3.For Inset Bite Relief

Often, when the children are playing, they get bitten by insects. Due to which there is irritation of the skin and red spots are formed. Apply banana peel on the affected area. By doing this, irritation will go away and redness will be removed.

4.Banana Peel For Skin Whitening

Since banana peel is full of vitamins and cleaning properties, you can use it on your face for the purpose of skin whitening and glow. You can rub the peel on your face daily and wash after few minutes.

5.To Get Rid Of Warts

wart skin tag on hand

If you have a wart on your skin, you can rub a banana peel to get rid of it. Regularly rubbing it not only removes warts but also do not let it leave any mark on the skin.

6.To Clean Things

Banana peels can be used not only to clean skin. Rather, it can also help shine other things like shoes and leather.

7.Banana Peel For Wrinkles

Banana peels complete the deficiency of water in the skin. Dip the banana peel in the egg yolk and mix it well and apply it on your face. It will prevent and lessen the wrinkles.

8.Relieves Irritated Skin

To get relief from irritation and pain due to minor cuts and bruises on fingers due to work, apply banana peel at the affected area.

9.As Eye Freshener

You can use this peel just like cucumber pieces and it will  brighten your eyes, and give a freshened look. Put a banana peel on your eyes for five minutes to rejuvenate your eyes.

10. Banna Peel for Shining Plant Leaves

Banana leaves can be used to shine the leaves of indoor or outdoor plants. This will also provide nutrition to the leaves making them stay greener.

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